System Integration

Systems and Network design

Setting up an office in Asia? Ayoba Solutions will be with you every step of the way. We offer a full spectrum of build services that starts with the sourcing of your preferred hardware and software locally, includes the design and deployment of all cabling, networking, server and backup infrastructure and finally the installation and configuration of your end user devices such as notebooks, desktops and smartphones. Once this is done, we offer ongoing monitoring, maintenance, upgrades and support through our Managed Services team.

Relocation services

Moving? Ayoba Solutions' relocation service will manage the transition of your ICT infrastructure from one location to another quickly and securely while maintaining the highest levels of business continuity. We endeavor to ensure that all of your mission critical tools and services are configure and tested at your new location before you so much as pack a bag so that all so that all you have to do is "sit down and plug in".

Project Management and Consultancy

Ayoba Solutions' project management service is designed to assist you with the successful planning and roll-out of of ICT related projects. Whether you are changing to a new technology, developing an entirely new line of business or simply need some advice on your next move, our team of experienced project management consultants is there to help you turn ideas in to plans and plans into reality - on budget and on schedule.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

ICT risk comes in many shapes and sizes. Power blackouts, hardware failure, denial of service attacks or natural disasters are just some of the risk factors that influence modern infrastructure design. At Ayoba Solutions, we will help you mitigate the business impact of these risks by thinking the unthinkable and planning for it. From a simple on-site backup solution to globally redundant and load-balanced hosting, we will ensure that when the worst comes to the worst, your business doesn't suffer. We believe that when it comes to disaster planning, one size never fits all; this is why we tailor our solutions to be compliant with your industry's requirements, localized risk factors and your specific business continuity needs.


  • Ayoba are a great bunch of guys - enthusiastic and always willing to go the extra mile to deliver the right solution for the job.    - John